Ernie Dingo Says He Was Racially Abused At A Perth Train Station

Content warning: this article contains discussion around racial slurs. 

Australian actor Ernie Dingo said he was racially abused at a Perth train station on Wednesday.

Dingo told Ngaarda Media he was boarding a train when a white man in his thirties walked passed him and allegedly made a racial slur. 

“As he gets aside me getting off he says ‘Fucking Abo’ and walks off,” the actor told the Aboriginal Community Radio and TV media company. 

“I chased him and scruffs him, ‘say it again’, he is scared now and I whack him on the right side of his head, he slips and falls trying to get away, his foot falls between the platform and the train, I drag his arse away from the edge, as he is laying there I ask again ‘Say it again, give me an excuse to whack you’ – he doesn’t.”

Public Transport Authority of Western Australia confirmed to HuffPost Australia that an incident took place at Perth Station on Wednesday morning. 

“We will not be releasing the CCTV,” they said. 

Dingo said that two other men at the station told him that the man involved had intellectual difficulties. 

“I’m 63, I don’t take that shit from anyone,” told Ngaarda Media. 

“I get on the train and this lady says ‘are you alright, I heard what he said’ we chatted and as I told her ‘he should’ve known better.’”

The actor has received support online but his management told HuffPost “he had advised that he does not wish to make any further comment.”

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