Everything you need for astrophotography camping

Astrophotography camping opens up new opportunities for camera-owners, giving you the chance to escape the light pollution created by densely populated areas. And once you’ve set up camp in the wilderness there are many night sky wonders to discover, either through some of the best telescopes around or behind the lens of your trusty camera. Here, we’ve pulled together a complete beginner’s guide to astrophotography camping so that you can be well prepared for your next outing.

Astrophotography: The basics

If you’re looking for a proper introduction, then our astrophotography for beginners article does a great job in outlining the basics of the practice. But in brief, what we want to do with astrophotography is to maximize the available light during a long exposure to bring out the detail in the night sky. 

You’ll have to have the right kit (which we’ll talk a bit more about later), as it’s a bit harder to do this with a compact, film or bridge camera, but if you have a good mirrorless or DSLR setup, and know the basics of the manual mode, you can start to get excellent results quite quickly. Full-frame or crop-sensor cameras are both fine, and we’ll talk a little bit more about lenses further down the article. But don’t be put off by all the gear, it’s easier than you think to get going! 

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