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Ex-Obama Speechwriter Tells Dems The ‘Best Way To Take Down Trump’

Humor is the key to riling the twice-impeached, one-term and notoriously thin-skinned former president, Keenan suggested on the latest episode of Mediaite podcast “The Interview.”

“The best way to take down Trump is by mocking him,” said Keenan, citing the 2011 White House Correspondents’ Association dinner when then-president Obama and comedian Seth Meyers mercilessly poked fun at Trump, much to the reality television personality’s chagrin.

“We had a lot of fun on the campaign trail in 2020,” Keenan recalled of Obama’s participation in Joe Biden’s campaign against Trump. “Obama would basically do standup routines about Trump on the trail and people loved it and it drove Trump insane.”

“The single best way to get under his skin is to do that,” continued the author of the new book, “Grace: President Obama And Ten Days In The Battle For America.”

“I’m sure someone on (Florida GOP Gov.) Ron Desantis’s team is trying to work on some, quote unquote zingers, but I just don’t think that guy has the charisma to pull it off,” Keenan added. “But if somebody else did, that would be ‘fun’ to watch in a kind of cringing in a car crash type way.”

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