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Family grieves 19-month-old killed by mum’s 4WD in driveway accident

A Perth family is grieving the loss of their 19-month-old daughter after she was tragically struck and killed by her mother’s car in a four-wheel-drive accident in their home’s driveway.

The mother-of-two had been reversing the vehicle on Walter Road East in Bayswater around 5pm last night and didn’t see the toddler when the collision occurred.

Neighbours have said they were alerted by the sound of piercing screaming and yelling from both parents moments after the accident, which killed the young girl at the scene.

“This is a terrible tragedy. We need the community to get behind this family. This is an awful situation to be in,” Scott Phillip, the CEO of child injury and accident prevention organization KidSafe WA said today.

One child is involved in a driveway incident every week in Australia.

“We really need to make sure where the children are before a vehicle moves,” Mr Phillip said.

“Children are very inquisitive and they explore and they want to be with the parent who’s in the car.”

WA Police who attended the scene and investigated the accident have said there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the child’s death.

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