Family of two women killed in horror crash push for better road conditions

The family of two women killed on the road while on the way to buy baby formula has spoken out about road conditions as police investigate what caused the crash.

Teenager TJ Harris says he was in the vehicle when his sister Taneil and cousin, Kyah, were killed on a Logan road, south of Brisbane.

His last memory is waking up inside the wrecked vehicle and seeing his sister and cousin take their last breaths beside each other.

Two women have been killed and another remains in a coma after an accident in Logan last Wednesday. (Nine)

“I didn’t really know what was happening when I got to the hospital,” the 15-year-old said.

“I blacked out when it happened.”

Mum Crystal Harris, who remains in a coma at Princess Alexandra Hospital, was in the backseat of the car at the time of the crash.

Her husband, Mark Harris has been left to care for their nine-month-old daughter Paisley, hoping the baby will once again get to see her mother.

“Her mum is in theatre today… we don’t know if she is going to walk again,” he said.

The family were less than one kilometre away from their home at the time of the crash, when their Ford Falcon slid off the road and into a tree.

A memorial has been set up for Kyah and Taneil. (Nine)

While the cause of the crash is still under investigation, the victim’s family believe a pothole on Mollennhagen Road could be to blame.

“I don’t think it was driver error at all,” Kyah’s grandmother Adrienne Conquest said.

“We were told by a person who was travelling behind that the front tyre blew out when she hit a pothole.”

The family are asking for more to be done to make the stretch of road safer while planning two funerals.

“They say only the good ones die young and we just hope she wasn’t in any pain,” Conquest said.

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