Father and daughter survive horror crash during NT desert race

A father and daughter duo competing in the Northern Territory‘s famous Finke Desert Race have survived a major crash which saw their vehicle flip multiple times.

Onlookers watched on in horror as the racing vehicle tumbled at high speeds after hitting a bump on the dirt track, sending red dust flying into the air.

The vehicle made three 360-degree flips before crashing to a stop, allowing the racers to crawl out.

The pair had been competing in the Finke Desert Race when their vehicle flipped at high speed. (Supplied)

The pair were not injured in the crash but witnesses said the woman passed out from shock minutes after exiting the wrecked vehicle.

The father-daughter team has been forced to withdraw from the competition.

Onlookers filmed the vehicle darting into the air before flipping three times and crashing to the ground. (Supplied)

Driver Shannon Lander said the racers had got carried away on the iconic off-road track, which takes racers from Alice Springs to the outback town of Finke during a two-day race.

“A case of too much heavy foot, too much adrenaline pumping but yeah, we’re all good,” driver Shannon Lander said.

“First rollover, you might as well do it in style so won’t be doing it again.”

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