FIA arrests two men under child pornography charges

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) on Saturday arrested two men of Sialkot on their suspicious involvement with an international child pornography ring following traces through Interpol of Italy. 

“The arrests took place after an early-morning raid in Punjab on the outskirts of the city of Sialkot,” said FIA official, Muhammad Iqbal.

“This was the first time Interpol provided information to Pakistan about the presence of a criminal operation involving child pornography in the country,” he added.

The pornographic content was stored in a computer allegedly owned by one of the arrested men, “he was in contact with an international gang and was posting child pornography videos on the dark web,” Iqbal conveyed the Associated Press.

Moreover a feature of dark web which is not accessible through primitive search engines and requires specific software is adding fuel to the fire.

The investigation of the first suspect brought FIA to the second accomplice however, whole of the clan will soon be found said Iqbal.

According to the Pakistani law, the two men must appear before the judge within 24 hours of their arrest, on the basis of which the FIA  will ask time to further expand the collection of required evidenced to to file the proceeding formally before the court in correspondence to the raised allegations. 

It is significant to be stated here that the Interpol is an international body working with the police departments in collaboration of 194 countries, coordinating with cross-border police executions, while is also funded by governments of their own respective countries. 

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