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Final goodbye likely cost husband his life

LAKELAND, Fla. — Not even the risk of acquiring a possibly fatal disease could deter Sam Reck from seeing his dying wife a final time.

Three weeks after a deathbed reunion with his beloved JoAnn, Sam Reck has followed her into everlasting rest. The couple were christened as “Romeo and Juliet” for their distant visits at Florida Presbyterian Homes, where pandemic restrictions prevented closer contact.

Reck, 90, died Saturday after contracting COVID-19, the viral illness that claimed his wife on July 12, family members said. He died at Lakeland Regional Health Medical Center, just as JoAnn had.

Holly Reck of Orlando, one of Sam’s two grown children, acknowledged that her father probably became infected while visiting JoAnn at the hospital.

“Most likely, and he knew the risks,” she said Monday. “There wasn’t anything any of us could have done to have talked him out of that. He would have gotten himself there one way or the other to see her. I do believe that.”

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