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First The Great Resignation, Now A Summer Of Strikes. What Next For Work?

You’re reading Life-Work Balance, a series aiming to redirect our total devotion to work into prioritising our personal lives.

Everyone seems to be quitting. Boris Johnson. A fair chunk of the Tory party (for a day or two, at least). Your fave work pal. Some 4.5 million Americans, and nearly a million Brits. When Beyonce sang “release your job”, she might have forgotten the power she holds.

Coming out of the first wave of the pandemic in 2021, we saw a phenomenon dubbed The Great Resignation, which saw millions of people abandon the workforce after reappraising their life priorities during the Covid crisis.

As many as 6.5 million Brits are planning to quit their job in the coming months according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development – that’s a fifth of the workforce.

And now, in this long hot summer, we’re seeing workers saying no to unfair conditions, low pay, and toxic work environments – this time with strikes.

Industrial action has already hit the travel, transport and legals sectors this summer and there is talk of further strikes from teachers, postal workers, bus drivers and bin collectors, even doctors.

We’ve had the Great Resignation. Are we now heading for a General Strike?

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