Flies buzzing around country may lead to outbreak of diseases, warns PMA

PMA points out garbage, sewerage water and animal remains left unattended. File photo

The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) on Wednesday noted the abundance of flies in the country, warning of the various diseases which they can transmit to humans.

The association, in a notification, drew attention to the  failure of the authorities in conducting fumigation and cleanliness drives in the cities, which they ought to be doing on a regular basis  to avoid the  infestation of flies and subsequent  outbreak of diseases.

The notification states  that the abundance of  flies in the city can lead to a major outbreak of gastrointestinal diseases and infections. 

The grimy situation in the urban areas across the country, especially in Karachi, owes  to the sewerage water and garbage collected on the roads and streets, as well as sacrificial animals’ offal left unattended after Eid-ul-Azha, which are the main source for flies to breed, it added. 

“PMA is very much concerned over the unhygienic and grimy situation in the country particularly in urban areas and specially in Karachi where sewerage water on the streets and roads, heaps of uncollected garbage and remains of sacrificial animals have become breeding places for flies due to which swarms of flies can be seen everywhere in cities covering fruits, vegetables and all other edibles in the markets,” reads the notification.

It maintains that the aforementioned reasons are causing a rapid spread of diseases like gastrointestinal infections and typhoid.

The notification also sites research which suggests that a single fly can transmit even eye infections, apart from intestinal diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, typhoid and cholera, by carrying hundreds of viruses and bacteria.

“According to research, a fly can carry about one hundred organisms (bacteria and viruses) and can transmit  diseases  like intestinal infections (such as dysentery, diarrhoea, typhoid and cholera), and eye infections such as trachoma and epidemic conjunctivitis,” it stated.

The PMA advised people to keep their edibles covered, regularly wash their hands with soap before every meal and avoid eating out in order to stay safe from the threat. It also directed them to maintain cleanliness and dispose of their garbage properly.

Moreover, it called for the disposal  of sacrificial remains and garbage on an urgent basis, requesting municipal agencies to launch fumigation drives in their respective areas to restrict the outbreak of diseases.

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