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Floating offshore wind projects are getting millions in government funding

Artist’s impression of a floating offshore wind turbine (Credits: PA)

Floating offshore wind projects are to receive a share of £31 million government funding to help drive deployment of the clean technology.

The government said that with global gas prices at record highs, it wanted to strengthen energy security in the UK by turning to home-grown renewables.

The UK is already home to the world’s largest deployment of offshore wind power and now a further 11 successful projects will receive a share of the money.

The funding, of up to £10 million per project, aims to support research and development of technology for floating offshore wind, and bring down the costs of building and deploying the renewable power source more quickly.

With floating offshore wind, the turbines are installed on platforms harnessed to the seabed with cables or anchors.

This allows them to be sited further offshore in deeper water to make the most of available wind.

Among the projects to secure funding – receiving £9.6 million – is a scheme with bases in Edinburgh, Belfast, London and Doncaster, developing and demonstrating new technologies for mooring turbines, cable protection, floating base design and a digital monitoring system.

The UK is already leading the way in offshore renewable wind power (AFP)

Another winning project, based in Cambridge, Feltham, Aberdeen and Blyth, is receiving £10 million for compact floating turbine foundation and anchors that is hoped will enable a 2 megawatt (MW), or larger, turbine to be demonstrated in UK waters.

And more than £3.4 million will go to a Swansea-based project to develop a floating wind turbine foundation with a small footprint that also generates power from wave energy.

Energy Minister Greg Hands said: ‘We are already a world leader in offshore wind and floating technology is key to unlocking the full potential of the seas around Britain.

‘These innovative projects will help us expand renewable energy further and faster across the UK and help to reduce our exposure volatile global gas prices.’

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