Flourless chocolate cake – Yes it’s possible and so delicious

Ever tried baking a flourless chocolate cake? This recipe guides you on how to get your flourless cake just perfect. Yes, it is actually possible to bake a cake without flour or any substitute for flour.

For that delicious chocolaty flavour, make sure you a good quality dark chocolate as this recipe does not contain cacao. The remaining ingredients include only butter, sugar, quite a number of eggs and vanilla essence. You can also add some rum for some extra punch and taste if you prefer.

This flourless chocolate cake recipe comes together quickly and easily. In less than an hour you can have this cake prepared and out of the oven. By the time the cake comes out of the oven, it must still be a little bit jiggly in the centre and not completely set. Then, allow it to cool for about 10 minutes before dusting generously with icing sugar.

Serve this delicious flourless chocolate cake with fresh cream and berries, or just as it is. It is tasty enough to eat without anything added to it.

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