Flown to Delhi for treatment, man shot during Prophet remark protests in Ranchi clings on to life

Nadeem Ansari, 24, was airlifted to Delhi on Saturday with his condition not improving after days of treatment at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS)-Ranchi. He was shot at the back of his neck as the protest against remarks about the Prophet, made by suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma, turned violent on June 10 and police fired to control the crowd.

His sister, Mussarat Parween, who accompanied him in the air ambulance, claimed her brother was out to get medicines for his nephew who had fever. “He had stepped out not even five minutes before things turned violent; he was just half a kilometre from the home. Our neighbours who were in the protest informed us that he had been shot,” said Parween. When the family reached RIMS, where those who died or were injured in the violence were taken, they saw their brother walking and talking.

“He was perfectly fine after being shot, but now the doctors can’t wake him up after a surgery? How can that be?” said his younger brother Tipu, who works as a plumber. Along with Tipu, Nadeem who worked as an electrician were the earning members of the family. Their father had almost put a stop to his business of selling gem stones for charm rings after one of his legs was paralysed following a spine surgery.

According to the family, the bullet had reached Nadeem’s carotid artery, with the doctors fearing that his seizures were a result of either oxygen depravation to the brain or a blood clot in the brain. “They needed an MRI to see what is wrong with his brain, which is why we got him here. Now, the doctors say that the brain is intact but they don’t know why the seizures are happening,” said Parween. Nadeem has been kept unconscious for nearly fifteen days because he gets seizures as soon as he wakes up, according to the family.

A doctor familiar with the case said that Nadeem was brought on a ventilator and has been convulsing continuously. He said that the prognosis of the patient is poor.

Nadeem Ansari is undergoing treatment at Gurugram’s Medanta hospital. (Express Photo)

The state government is paying for the treatment of Nadeem at Gurugram’s Medanta hospital.

Nadeem’s wife and one-year-old daughter are at home. Namdeem has three sisters and three brothers, with the youngest brother passing away in 2015 at the age of 14 years. “He just had an intense headache and collapsed, the doctors weren’t able to save him. I had a bad feeling then and I had a bad feeling the day my brother was shot. I did not even know what had happened, but when I heard the ambulance pass by my house, I rushed home and there were tears in my eyes,” said Parween.

All the three sisters are married, with the youngest one having been married this February.

“He has been strong for so many days, he is still here. And, now that the doctors say that the brain is intact, I just hope my brother wakes up,” said Parween.

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