FM Qureshi says PM’s comments on Osama bin Laden were ‘taken out of context’

Foriegn Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, during a recent interview, said Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments last year on Osama bin Laden were taken out of context.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan called Osama bin Laden a martyr,” said TOLOnews journalist, Lotfullah Najafizada.

“Well, uh, again, out of context. Out of context,” responded the foreign minister, after a brief pause. “He [PM Imran Khan] was quoted out of context. And, uh, you know, a particular section of the media played it up,” he added.

“Is he a martyr? You disagree? Osama bin Laden?” asked Najafizada.

“I will let that pass,” responded Qureshi, after another brief pause. 

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