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The NSW Attorney General has not recommended a pardon of convicted serial killer Kathleen Folbigg, despite a petition lodged by her legal team and a group of scientists.

Mark Speakman said he would not be recommending a pardon to the NSW Governor because “it’s not appropriate against the backdrop of what has happened nor fairness and transparency”.

“It would be undermining confidence in the judicial process and our justice system if I, as a politician, recommend behind closed doors to the governor that there be a pardon,” Speakman said.

Speakman has instead recommended another inquiry into Folbigg’s conviction.

“I have opted to recommend a public inquiry. This is more likely to get to the bottom of the scientific evidence,” he said.

Folbigg was convicted of killing her three children Patrick, Sarah and Laura as well as the manslaughter of her firstborn Caleb, between 1989 and 1999.

A petition for Folbigg’s release was delivered in March last year to the NSW Governor Margaret Beazley after a group of experts found genomic mutations in two of Folbigg’s children, which could have caused their deaths.

Folbigg has been in a NSW jail since 2003.

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