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Ford wants to offer a bolt-on third axle for the F-150

Turning pickup trucks into three-axle, six-wheel monsters is nothing completely new. However, they are typically made on the aftermarket, with companies like hennessy and Rezvani Add third axles to existing trucks for additional performance. However, it seems Ford wants to give customers the option to add another axle to their F-150 trucks directly at the dealership, according to a new patent found by CarBuzz.

Ford’s new patent, filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), shows a third bolt-on axle that can be added at any time. However, it’s not for off-road performance or pure ruggedness (although that’s certainly a side effect). Instead, this additional axle is designed to increase the F-150’s payload capacity. Ford previously offered a heavy payload package for the F-150, but abandoned it for the 2024 model year as it was too expensive to produce and not a popular option. According to Ford’s patent application, this bolt-on third axle would be cheaper to produce and would allow customers to add it even after they have received their truck.