Forecasters predicting snow in Hawaii

There was little snow forecast across the country Friday, except for two states with active blizzard warnings: Alaska and … Hawaii.

The Big Island’s mountain summits were expected to record wind gusts topping 100 mph and snow accumulations of 1 foot or more, the National Weather Service said Friday. The warning was set to take effect at 6 p.m.

Hawaii’s tallest peak, Mauna Kea, is 13,803 feet. The second tallest, Mauna Loa, is 13,679 feet.

The snow is part of a weather pattern forecast to bring heavy rain, giant swells and flooding to lower elevations across the islands this weekend, NBC affiliate KHNL reported.

The National Weather Service’s prediction center said it’s common to see snow above 11,000 feet in Hawaii. The state’s third tallest peak, Haleakala, which stands at just over 10,000 feet, only records snow every two to three years.

Parts of Alaska’s Yukon Delta, meanwhile, were expected to see whiteout conditions with 50 mph winds, blowing snow and a light accumulation of new snowfall, the National Weather Service said.

More winter weather is expected in the lower 48 this weekend, with forecasters calling for a swath of heavy snowfall across the Upper Midwest and Great Lakes.

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