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Future Suburban Rail Loop funding will rely on independent federal counsel

Victorian Deputy Premier and Suburban Rail Circuit Minister Jacinta Allan said Victoria would work with reformed Infrastructure Australia to push for the merits of the state’s flagship transport project.

“I wouldn’t put the cart before the horse and say that means there will be no federal funding for the Suburban Rail Loop, because they have to go through their own processes,” he said.

“It’s important to note that what we have right now is a partnership with the federal government. The $2.2 billion that was pledged…means we’re up and running with the first jobs.”

The Andrews government has committed $11.8 billion for the Rail Loop. Their business case describes splitting the cost three ways with the Commonwealth and with development contributions from the private sector.

Future stages of the Rail Loop would continue north to Melbourne Airport by 2056 and continue west to Werribee, forming a 90 kilometer loop around the city.

King told CEDA’s Infrastructure Conference on Friday morning that labor shortages, construction industry constraints and cost inflation meant the government needed to make “tough decisions about what not to build and what to build.” Prioritize projects”.

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