Game-changing innovations from ADM

Imagine creating food from proteins in the air or developing a breakfast patty from fungi discovered in a national park. These are just a few of the innovative ways in which ADM is helping to create the next generation of foods with ground-breaking science and technology. With its globally integrated value chain, technical ingenuity and an unmatched portfolio of ingredients and solutions, ADM is the partner of choice for businesses at the cutting edge of their categories. Below you’ll find just a few examples of ADM’s game-changing innovations including plant-forward protein systems, a gold standard approach to culinary flavors, and unique microbiome-supporting solutions.

Game-Changing Plant Protein Solutions

The plant protein ingredient market is projected to grow at an average annual growth rate of 12% per year through 2030.1 Increasing demand from consumers for plant-based foods and an urgent need to develop a more sustainable food system have created a path for the next wave of food innovation. ADM has been a pioneer in plant proteins for over 75 years and has become the first global industry player in the space. It currently offers alternative proteins from over 30 plant sources, and the company continues to diversify its portfolio.

ADM is investing in the future of protein with collaborations to create a new generation of alternative protein solutions including:

  • Air Protein, a company producing an alternative protein from microbes using gas fermentation, including meat analogs made from elements of the air.
  • Nature’s Fynd, a food tech company producing protein from fungi discovered in the geothermal springs of Yellowstone Park; made via surface or biomass fermentation.
  • Precision-based fermentation including Perfect Day, a whey protein via precision fermentation, and Geltor, a collagen protein via precision fermentation.

In addition to the above, ADM‘s NutriFlex™ can help meet consumers’ growing need for innovative formats and expertly crafted plant-based solutions. NutriFlex™ is a plant protein platform with tailored offerings that range from easy-to-use protein blends to fully finished product solutions designed to get customers to market faster, regardless of manufacturing or production constraints.

Game-Changing Culinary Solutions

When consumers are considering a plant-based counterpart to a traditional protein food such as a juicy hamburger, a delicious sausage or a rustic chicken soup, they expect to experience a similar appearance, flavor and texture to the original. ADM’s global team of expert chefs use chemistry and creativity to build the most authentic flavor profiles.

For example, ADM takes roasted chicken, breaks it down to a molecular level, and then determines how to rebuild that flavor with specific compounds and ingredients. To give plant-based meat alternatives superior taste and visual appeal, ADM’s flavorists use taste modifiers to invoke important savory notes like umami and kokumi, and leverage spices from regional and local cuisines. Beyond traditional meat analogs, ADM’s best-in-class Culinary CraftedSM vegan seafood and bases deliver a convincing flavor and aroma to plant-based seafood like crab cakes and New England clam chowder. With culinary excellence and product development expertise, ADM partners with customers to develop solutions as the first protein house with the flavor mastery you need.

Game-Changing Health and Wellness Solutions

Today’s consumers are looking for foods, beverages and supplements that support gut health and overall well-being. Linked by consumers to immune function, aspects of metabolic health and even mood, mental acuity and feeling energized, consumers’ approach to supporting a healthy gut is evolving from reactive (choosing foods to alleviate discomfort) to proactive (tailored and customized pre-, pro- and postbiotic solutions), as they strive to achieve greater empowerment over their personal health and well-being. ADM’s award-winning probiotic BPL1™ and new postbiotic HT-BPL1™ heat-treated strain were specifically developed to target aspects of metabolic health and can help meet this demand across virtually any product category, including even the most challenging applications.

ADM’s approach to game-changing innovation is more than the product. It starts with proprietary consumer insights, in-depth research and a global network of trend spotters to help identify what’s next. Combined with cross-functional team expertise and a full pantry of ingredient solutions, discover how ADM can help your brand unlock emerging opportunities and ignite your next game-changing innovation.

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