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Gehlot announces the formation of 19 districts; BJP calls it political stunt

chief minister he announced the formation of 19 new districts in the state and also declared three new divisions namely Sikar, Pali and Banswara.

His announcement is seen as a coup in the way Gehlot has struck both a regional and political balance in the formation of new districts.

By announcing such a large number of districts simultaneously, the leader of Congress also attempted to lessen the impact of anti-incumbency. If fewer districts had been announced, then resentment could have developed elsewhere before the election.

To give relief to the areas where the demand was increasing due to the long distance from the divisional headquarters, the ruling party made efforts to balance the demand of the people by announcing the Pali, Sikar and Banswara divisions.

Gehlot also assured that the BJP’s temple agenda would be taken away.

He has been accusing the Congress government of “breaking” the temples, banning processions on Ram Navami day.

To counter such accusations, Gehlot has made several announcements for the development of major temples in the state and to accelerate religious tourism in the state.

Apart from developing Jaipur’s Govind Devji temple along the lines of Ujjain’s Mahakal temple, he also announced DPR’s preparation for the development of Khatushyam ji, Salasar, Tripurasundari, Karnaimata, Kailadevi, Mehandipur Balaji, Ramdevra temple, Khole ke Hanuman, Veer Tejaji and Sanwaliya temple. temple. Furthermore, he also announced to spend Rs 100 crore at Beneshwar Dham.

The announcement to form the Pushkar Development Authority for the development of Tirtharaj Pushkar also gives a response to the bJP’s accusations. Gehlot has somehow tried to brush aside the issue of focusing on the development of religious areas.

Gehlot also has a focus on social engineering ahead of the election. To help the castes, he announced the formation of the Veer Tejaji Board, which is an attempt to help the Jat community.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Vasundhara Raje said: “The new announcements by the Congress government are just an attempt to fulfill their personal political interests. In this effort, they have put the entire economic system of in Game. The consequences of which will have to be borne by the people of the state and the state in the years to come. Many important facts have been ignored in the process of creating new districts. So, instead of the ease that would result from the formation of new districts, the public will have to face administrative complications”.

“The Chief Minister has tried to politicize the budget without taking into account the worrying fiscal indicators of the state, which is regrettable,” he added.

it is a geographically large state, first of all, the formation of new districts was initiated by the former Chief Minister Late. Bhairon Singh Shekhawat ji had created Hanumangarh and Pratapgarh districts, now the Congress government had to take this decision under the pressure of public opinion but the people of the state will not be fooled as they will remember issues like paper leakage , the false promise of the farmer. loan waiver, deteriorating law and order situation, etc. Every section of the state is oppressed by various problems in the state,” Raje said.



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