Gem squash cups stuffed with creamy spinach

Out of ideas what side dishes to prepare? Try our gem squash cups stuffed with creamy spinach. It adds a nutritious punch to your meal. And it is not only healthy but tastes incredible too.

Combining creamy spinach with gem squash is a clever way to enjoy these two veggies simultaneously. The gem squash serves as a little cup into which the creamy spinach is loaded. This presentation looks so appetising that it will gain a lot of attention from your guests around your dinner table.

Getting enough spinach in our diet is so important. This superfood is packed with nutrients. It improves the health of our skin, hair and bones. It also contains protein, iron, vitamins, and minerals. Convinced yet why you should include this leafy green veggie in your diet? If your little ones do not like spinach, maybe these gem squash cups will do the trick.

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