Georgia high school football players rescue woman from car crash

A group of Georgia high school football players and friends are being hailed as heroes for jumping into action and saving a woman from a potentially fiery car crash.

Teammates Treyvon Adams, Tyson Brown, Antwion Carey, Alto Moore, and Cesar Parker, along with classmate Messiah Daniels, helped pull a 50-year-old woman from her car after it was hit outside their high school in Rome, a city about 70 miles northwest of Atlanta.

The crash and rescue took place Friday and involved a small silver car that swerved and struck a white SUV to avoid being hit another car driven by a teen, Rome Police Department Assistant Chief Debbie Burnett told USA TODAY.

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The boys, who are ages 14 to 17 and grew up together, were arriving at school Friday when they saw the wreck.

Luis Goya, who teaches math at the high school, told USA TODAY he was standing outside the school watching students enter when he heard a loud noise just before 8 a.m. He ran to a nearby intersection, saw the crash, and called 911.

“There was smoke coming up from the hood. There was fluid on the ground,” Goya said. “I told the dispatcher, ‘We need to hurry!'”

Treyvon told USA TODAY he watched the crash take place as he drove four of the boys to school.

A group of Rome High School football players quickly jumped into action to help save a woman who had just been in a serious car crash in Georgia on Aug. 12, 2022.

“It was right in front of me. I turned off the car and jumped out and said, “Hey look, let’s go help her,'” Treyvon, 16, said Monday. “The woman was leaning over into the passenger seat begging for help. She had blood on her face and was screaming.”

Immediately, he said, Alto and Tyson ran to the passenger door and tried to pull it off.

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