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Geraldo Rivera Slams Ted Cruz As ‘Flat-Earther’ For Preposterous Claim Trump Won Election

The claim by Cruz — and Sen. Josh Hawley (R- Missouri) and Trump — is so wildly preposterous that it ranks with the claim that the Earth is flat, despite all conceivable evidence to the contrary, scoffed Rivera in a tweet.

Because of the outlandish lie by the senators — who Rivera is convinced should know better — “everything they say should jam the bullshit filter,” he warned.

Some Twitter users complained that Rivera was missing the big picture, and is ultimately responsible for the rigged election lies.

Rivera generally appears to be done with Trumpworld and the incessant lies about a “rigged” election — and has taken the former president to task.

He tweeted earlier this month that he “could never support” longtime friend Donald Trump again. Rivera, a rotating co-host on Fox’s “The Five, said Trump’s relentless, baseless claims of election fraud have destroyed his loyalty.

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