Go Pants Free for Those Zoom Chats

How many days in a row can you wear sweatpants? As warmer weather arrives, it may be time to show a little leg and opt for shorts. Jim Moore, the creative director at large of GQ, sees two options: “Long and slim, or short and a little bit baggy,” he said. And nearly everything will have drawstrings. Not that the folks on your video calls will ever know that.

Fair Isle Wool Drawcord Shorts, $630

Inspired by the traditional knits of the Shetland Islands, these wool shorts offer warmth on cooler nights by the bonfire, or when the air-conditioner is blasting.

3-Stripes Shorts, $30

Your everyday companion for home-office procrastinating, running errands (there’s a pocket for your AirPods) and tending to your sourdough.

Wide-Leg Logo-Print Silk-Twill Drawstring Bermuda Shorts, $1,200

Get louche with these silky logo-embossed shorts that would have looked great at a pool party this summer.

Made of stretchy nylon mesh, these offer a very practical if unholy marriage between lounge short and boxers. You can wear them as either. Now with pockets.

Satin Dolphin Short in Red, $128

Those 1970s gym shorts have been reimagined in bright red nylon, white trim and a relaxed waistband for those long Zoom calls.

Men’s Black Watch Plaid Front-Pocket Chino Shorts, $290

Upgrade your chino shorts with this American-made, knee-length pair in deconstructed black watch plaid.

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