Going to TNW Conference 2022? Don’t miss this talk by Marvel tech designer John LePore

Science fiction frequently inspires real technology. John LePore, who’s speaking at TNW Conference on June 17, not only understands this pathway — he builds it. The Emmy-nominated futurist and creative director designs tech for blockbuster movies and real-world products alike.

His credits range from Black Panther’s Vibranium Sand and Iron Man’s J.A.R.V.I.S., to General Motor’s Hummer EV and IBM’s Project Debater system. His innovations that we see in films frequently influence those we use off-screen — and vice-versa. This feedback loop connects fantasy to everyday life. LePore’s conference talk promises unique insights into futuristic design.

But I’m even more intrigued to hear how the realms of fiction and reality influence each other — with both positive and negative effects. I recently spoke to LePore about this strange phenomenon of life imitating art imitating life. You can read about his experiences and ideas in the article about his below.

Greetings humanoids

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The lines between fiction and reality are blurry for John LePore.

As a futurist and creative director who works on both movies and products, LePore not only crisscrosses these borders — he helps shape them.

Much of his work has been done with Perception, a New York-based design lab.

The Emmy-nominated team creates future tech for sci-fi blockbusters and real-world devices, from gadgets in Marvel films to gauges for rocket ships.

The two worlds frequently inspire each other.

“It’s not a one-way street — it’s a never-ending loop,” LePore tells TNW.

Perception worked on Tony Stark's smart mirror, glass phone, and the Jarvis AI system. Credit: Perception