Gold Coast restaurant on virus alert

Several areas across the state are on alert after the new case was confirmed. Picture: NCA NewsWire / John Gass

A restaurant in Gold Coast and several flights across the state were added to Queensland’s exposure site list after a new local case was recorded on Friday.

The Koi dining venue at Broadbeach was added as a close contact for Wednesday, July 14, with anyone who was at the venue at the listed time to isolate immediately and contact Queensland Health.

The updated alert comes after a regional flight attendant tested positive to the highly contagious strain of Covid-19 and was potentially infectious while working on six flights across the state.

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The six flights between Brisbane, Longreach, Gladstone and Hervey Bay last week have been added to the casual contact list, with those on-board asked to quarantine until a negative virus test is confirmed.

The restaurant is the latest venue added as a close contact alert. Picture: Jerad Williams
The restaurant is the latest venue added as a close contact alert. Picture: Jerad Williams

Anyone who was at both the close and casual contact venues at the specific times is asked to register their details with Queensland Health.


  • Broadbeach, Koi Broadbeach, Wednesday, July 14, 1.50pm – 2.50pm

The Qantas flights the woman in her 30s worked on include flight 2534 from Brisbane to Longreach on July 11, flight 2535 from Longreach to Brisbane on July 11, flight 2346 from Brisbane to Gladstone on July 11, flight 2331 from Gladstone to Brisbane on July 12, flight 2374 from Brisbane to Hervey Bay on July 12, flight 2375 from Hervey Bay to Brisbane on July 12.

She also stayed at the Mercure Hotel in Gladstone on July 11. Those who visited the Brisbane, Longreach and Gladstone domestic airports on Sunday, July 13, and the Brisbane, Gladstone and Hervey Bay domestic airports on Monday, July 12, have been told to monitor for symptoms.

Chief health officer Jeanette Young urged all residents in the remote communities to come forward for testing as her team races to figure out where the infection came from.

“Those people who live in Longreach, Gladstone or Hervey Bay — it is really important that you come forward and get tested if you have any symptoms,” she told reporters on Friday morning.

“Just be aware. Similarly, we are working through with CCTV footage at the Brisbane airport and other airports to see who else this flight attendant might have come into contact with.”

For a full breakdown of the exposure list visit the Queensland Health site.

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