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Grounded: How to craft Grass Floors

Building a base in Grounded can be a great way to defend yourself from incoming groups of ants and other creepy crawlies in Obsidian Entertainment’s backyard survival adventure. But if you want to build a base that’s big enough for all your loot, you’re going to need to unlock the option to craft floors.

While this might seem straightforward, many players have had a tough time acquiring the Grass Floor Recipe, which lets you build multistory bases, allowing more room for storage, defenses and whatever else you want to throw in your base.

If you want to unlock the Grass Floor Recipe and the Grass Stairs Recipe, you’ll need to progress through the game a bit. Whittle away at the main questline until you reach the the Oak Lab. Here you can interact with an NPC named BURG.L. This robot is extremely handy for purchasing upgrades and taking on various questlines like the Artificer and Hunter quests.

Once you reach the Oak Lab, talk with BURG.L and then look for the Grass Floor chip nearby. Pick up the chip then approach BURG.L with it to acquire the upgrade. You’ll need 1,000 Raw Science Points if you want to unlock the Multi-Story Base upgrade, so make sure you’re saving up those points before you get too far into the game.

Players will need to deal with spiders and other creepy crawlies in “Grounded.” If you want to build a base that’s big enough for all your loot in the game, you’re going to need to unlock the option to craft floors.
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To make the Grass Floor, you’ll need to gather four Grass Planks. One floor allows you to place four walls along it. You can find Grass Planks by chopping pieces of Grass with an axe. Depending on the type of Grass you chop, you’ll receive more (or fewer) Grass Planks.

Various types of Grass Floors are available to craft, including a Triangle Floor, Half Floor, and Curved Floor. This should give players multiple options to work with when building their base, so make sure to experiment as needed to build a stable and reliable base that can actually withstand attacks from ants and other critters that come across it.

It should also be noted that Grass Floor is the weakest of the floorings available in Grounded. As such, players should not expect it to last very long against incoming attacks. Because of this, you’ll want to look into upgrading your floors and other base components as soon as possible.

If you’re looking for other things to do in Grounded, make sure you also know how to tame Aphids, which made their debut in the game’s Shroom and Doom update last year. You can also take on special bosses like the Broodmother.

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