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‘He is partial’: Bar members urge Calcutta Chief Justice to relieve judge

Accusing Justice Rajshekhar Mantha of being partial, members of Bar Association of the Calcutta High Court urged Chief Justice Prakash Shrivastava, requesting him to relieve him.

In a letter to the Chief Justice, the Bar Association members wrote: “A judge’s position of power not only demands discipline and ferocious insight but also becomes as extraneous as an appendage to the chair he sits upon, orphaned of this, which the arrangement of justice delivery considers to be essential. It is with great regret we must proceed to deliberate upon the actions of Justice Rajasekhar Mantha, who has perhaps fallen short of his usual standards in recent times… We are of the unanimous opinion that something analogous to a collapse of the system we have largely held together in the higher pursuit of justice could follow if our voices were to remain silenced at the cusp of change.”

The letter signed by Bar Association members read: “It is the consenting opinion of all members bar that we only have our staunch adherence to principles of natural justice, directed by your guidance as the sole available means to combat it. In its perfect world, words aren’t necessary for the times when the partiality of authority is understood to be apparent. Let this representation record our humble request for your lordship to relieve Justice Rajshekhar Mantha from his current determination and liberate him from his current responsibilities.”

Earlier in the day, several lawyers allegedly affiliated with the TMC gathered outside Justice Mantha’s courtroom and prevented him from continuing with the proceedings. According to sources, the lawyers prevented anyone from entering court hall 13, which is presided over by Justice Mantha.

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