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Heart disease commonest underlying condition in Covid-19

Underlying chronic heart disease was in 40 per cent of Covid-19 associated deaths

Almost 40 per cent of Covid-19 associated deaths were in patients who had chronic heart disease, the latest ‘Report on underlying conditions in confirmed cases of Covid-19’ shows.

Information on underlying conditions was available for 1,245 cases who had died, according to the May 26 report from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC).

Almost 30 per cent of those who died had chronic neurological disease, more than 16 per cent had chronic respiratory disease, over 13 per cent had diabetes and a further 13 per cent cancer/malignancy.

Information also published by the HPSC reports on underlying medical conditions for 17,135 confirmed cases of Covid-19 for notifications up to, and including, May 20.

The five most reported underlying conditions were chronic heart disease, chronic respiratory disease, diabetes, chronic neurological disease, and cancer/malignancy.

Over half of confirmed cases of Covid-19 were reported to have at least one underlying medical condition.

More than a fifth of cases were reported to have one underlying condition, almost 8 per cent of cases had two, and just under 4 per cent had three or more of these conditions. Half of the confirmed cases treated in Ireland’s intensive care units (ICUs) had chronic heart disease, and well over a third of confirmed cases that had been hospitalised had chronic heart disease.

Chronic respiratory disease affected over 10 per cent treated in all settings but accounted for a quarter needing ICU management.

Data contained in the report is provisional.


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