Here’s what SpaceX’s 1st astronaut launch looked like from space (photo)

While keeping an eye on Cape Canaveral from the International Space Station, Russian cosmonaut Ivan Vagner captured this photo of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon spacecraft emerging from Earth’s upper atmosphere after launching to orbit on May 30, 2020.  (Image credit: Ivan Vagner/Roscosmos/Twitter)

It’s a sight no one has seen in nearly a decade: A rocket carrying NASA astronauts launching from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center.

But Ivan Vagner, a Russian cosmonaut and one of three humans currently living on board the International Space Station, caught the sight of just that with the milestone Demo-2 flight of a SpaceX Crew Dragon carrying two NASA astronauts. The pair will arrive at the orbiting laboratory tomorrow (May 31) to begin a stay lasting between one and four months.

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