Hilary Duff And ‘Cheaper By The Dozen’ Cast Reunite On TikTok To Make You Feel Old

Hilary Duff apparently won’t rest during lockdown until she’s reunited with every single one of her casts ― “Raise Your Voice” hive, our time is now ― and the latest one on her list is “Cheaper by the Dozen.”

The 2003 remake of the classic story about a couple with more children than a football team boasted an undeniably stacked cast (Steve Martin! Bonnie Hunt! Tom Welling! Those “Desperate Housewives” twins!) and even spawned a sequel.

But it has largely been forgotten in the jumble of charming but forgettable family-friendly films since, so imagine our surprise at the cast coming together for a TikTok reunion this week to raise funds for No Kid Hungry.

And that means they’re all grown up now and you’ll feel older than ever watching them re-create scenes from the film.

“Surprise! From the Baker family to yours. We are all in this together,” Stoner wrote alongside the video.

As for who’s on board, matriarch Bonnie Hunt, Piper Perabo, Alyson Stoner, Brent and Shane Kinsman, Kevin Schmidt, Morgan York, Blake Woodruff and more appear in the viral clip.

Notable absences include Tom Welling and, of course, Steve Martin, who we can only presume balked at the idea of appearing in a TikTok.

Each of the actors does their best to get back in touch with their characters of yesteryear, as Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid” blares on. But major props go to Duff for committing to the endeavor with a green face mask and Bonnie Hunt for, well, just being Bonnie Hunt.

Duff also reunited with her “Lizzie McGuire” cast mates earlier this month for table-read of the show’s most memorable episodes.

But since that reboot might be DOA, we’ll happily take “Cheaper by the Dozen 3” in its place to quench our early-aughts nostalgia thirst.

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