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Hire a D.J. and Turn the Music Up

A party for kids might require some advance planning on your part, as few D.J.s cater specifically to children. If you are making your own playlist, pick songs that you know children will like, including oldies they might know from their parents, or a Disney favorite. When in doubt, just play “Let It Go.”

The music quality will be the most important factor. It’s what makes a party tick. A D.J. can get a streaming device that pumps sound from the mixer directly into their phone. As a listener, if you have external speakers, connect your device and crank the sound up loud.

Any Bluetooth speaker, Mr. Mandelbaum said, “will do the trick. You don’t need anything special.”

Or wear your headphones. That’s what Genevieve Robles, a 34-year-old talent director who lives in Downtown Brooklyn, sometimes does. (If you have nosy neighbors or thin walls, that might be something you want to do, too.)

“It’s even funnier, probably as an onlooker, because I am dancing through my apartment,” she said. “Or I’ll sing at full volume, karaoke style, which is probably hilarious.”

If you’ve got wireless headphones, they might be better: you don’t want to get tangled.

In a bind, you can put your phone in a glass cup. The sound will still be kind of tinny, but at least it will be loud.

The more you can do to make the party feel like an occasion, the happier you will be.

Ms. Sabharwal, who is based in West New York, N.J., asks her fans to connect the stream to their televisions and turn off their life (you’ll need a Bluetooth-enabled TV or a HDMI cord). She has lights in her setup that flicker, which can help create a club environment.

Or, she said, “if you can invest in a $15 rinky-dink strobe light thingie from Amazon, go for it.”

Clothes: You don’t have to get dressed up, but you could. It might actually make it feel more real.

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