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Holland says Della Maddalena wasn’t worth Australian taxes to UFC

Ahead of his UFC Night fight against Jack Della Maddalena, Kevin Holland has made it clear that he loves the Benjamins. As it should be: after all, he is a professional boxer. He would rather compete as often as possible than slow down and wait for appropriate fights from the contender to come together. And it’s not going to fight in places where they tax you, like Australia.

Holland vs Della Maddalena would have been a very solid addition to this past weekend’s UFC 293 in Sydney, Australia. The reason it didn’t happen there, according to Holland? The UFC would not increase its salary to cover the insane dispossession of fighters in the country.

“Be realistic, do you think I wouldn’t go somewhere to fight with someone?” Holland said at UFC Night media day. “Bro, where was my second fight with the UFC? No, it was in China. Do your homework, boy. So why wouldn’t I go? If they cover my taxes, I’ll go anywhere. “I’m pretty sure if they really wanted me to fight in Australia they would have covered the taxes.”

“They didn’t ask me to fight in Australia. They asked me to fight in Las Vegas when the fight ended with Kelvin Gastelum and man, I’m here in Las Vegas. The old man is still crying about not being able to fight in Australia. Gosh, if it was worth it for someone to come to Australia to fight you, they would have made sure someone came to Australia to fight you. You are sponsored by Timex. “Be happy with that and shut your mouth.”

We’ve heard reports for years that Australia and New York are two places fighters don’t want to fight because of their extremely high tax rates. Now John Makdessi has drawn the curtain in Australia, revealing that his $58,000 purse for UFC 293 ended up being $28,461 after deductions and Australian taxes. On top of that, he still has to pay Canadian taxes.

The Australian government would get even more cash from Holland if it had faced Della Maddalena in Sydney. At UFC 291, “Big Mouth” was one of the few fighters who lost his purse. published by the Utah Commission. He earned $178,000 to show and $178,000 to win, for a total of $356,000.

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