#Home: Vijay Babu as producer to remarkable cast, 5 reasons why the trailer got us excited

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#Home: Vijay Babu as producer to remarkable cast, 5 reasons why the trailer got us excited

The trailer of #Home, a Malayalam comedy family drama released today. Directed by Rojin Thomas, produced by Vijay Babu, the movie stars Indrans, Sreenath Bhasi, Vijay Babu, Manju Pillai in pivotal roles. By the first looks of the trailer one can surely see that this movie is going to showcase the things which we take for granted while staying at home with family members be it the fights, arguments, unique yet relatable experiences. #Home is releasing soon on August 19, 2021 exclusively on Amazon Prime Video and here are 5 reasons which made us thrilled to watch this movie with our family. 

Vijay Babu as the producer 

We all know the superstar Vijay Babu for his quintessential acting skills, but with #Home, he plays a dual role in the movie as an actor and a producer. As a producer, Vijay Babu has always tried to bring out issues pertaining in the society which are unspoken by shedding light on them. He is known to produce some blockbuster movies like Philips and the Monkey Pen, Aadu 1 & 2, Mudhugauv and now hopefully adding #Home, produced under his banner of Friday Film House, to his list of blockbuster films. 

The Remarkable Cast 

#Home brings a host of skilled artists which is sure to make audience interested as ever to see their camaraderie in this film. The stellar list of names includes Indrans, Sreenath Bhasi, Vijay Babu, Manju Pillai, Neslin, Pauly Wilson and Anoop Menon. Indrans has been a veteran actor who has contributed his skills and talent in the Indian film industry for over 4 decades now. Returning with a film on a streaming platform is something his dedicated fans are looking forward to watching. The other artists like Sreenath Bhasi and Manju Pillai are too known for their on-point acting and exemplary in showcasing their love for acting. 

#Home is a story like any other home 

Looking at the trailer, the movie looks like a story of an everyday phenomena at our very own home. Be it fights between siblings, small arguments between family members, looking for some interesting food item inside the fridge even after we know there is nothing only to be scolded by our mother, or trying to be at our best behaviour when the guest arrives. Each of these moments are all so relatable. While we make take these small things for granted, watching it being beautifully captured in the movie is sure to bring a smile to our face. 

The student and the teacher 

The lockdown has seen a complete role reversal with parents becoming students and kids being their teacher as the latter helps them become more tech-friendly. Tutoring parents about the new features on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram or Zoom has been a task for all the kids, where the parents write down all information in a notebook and then try to practise the art of being tech savvy. The trailer also shows the same where a father is trying to learn all the new apps and its features and the kid is having a hard time explaining. 

Comedy drama which looks soulful 

The overall impression of the movie given by the trailer is that #Home is a soulful comedy drama which tries to showcase the minute things in everyday life that we take for granted while living with a family.

So, try to teach your parents and grandparents how to open Amazon Prime Video on your telly or laptop and enjoy this soulful ride with them on August 19, 2021.

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