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Honey-baked sweet potatoes: A sweet weekend braai side

It’s gearing up towards a hot and sunny weekend. That means that the braai gets lit and the friends come over. The meat is often the centre of attention but often the sides become the heroes. Every group has that one person who’s the king of queen of sides. It’s your turn with these honey-baked sweet potatoes as they are beautifully sweet, sticky and a little crunchy with fluffy centres.

Honey-baked sweet potatoes tips

You can pre-cook the sweet potatoes by boiling them, roasting in the oven or putting them in foil and onto a fire. The rest of the recipe is simple and you can add some flavours if you’re feeling creative. Some paprika or chili might give it some spice without making it too spicy. Serve immediately along with your steaks and chops, salads and drinks with your family. Sweet potatoes adds more flavour than regular potatoes and add some colour.

Are you in the mood to bring some flavour to the braai this weekend? These honey-baked sweet potatoes should become your new go-to.

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