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Horrible bee attack caught on camera in California

a swarm of bees wreaked havoc in a Los Angeles neighborhood on Monday, injuring at least two people.

Los Angeles Times said thousands of bees swarmed near the Encino Reservoir, and local residents were warned to stay inside and keep doors and windows closed.

In the most shocking moment, a Fox 11 news helicopter captured a police volunteer staggering away from the bees and then falling face down in the street.

Caution: The footage is hard to watch:

A KTLA helicopter captured the aftermath, as the man got up and walked away from the scene. Reporters described him as having a “pretty bad head injury” from the fall:

kab said the man was one of two people taken to a hospital for bee-related injuries.

Its conditions are not known.

Local media said that a professional beekeeper was hired to handle the situation.

It is not clear what triggered the bees.

“This is such an active hive, they are so aggressive,” Brooks Putman of All Valley Honey & Bee told KTLA. “There are so many bees that they seem to have a pretty well established hive.”

Putnam said, however, that in most cases bees will leave people alone as long as they are left alone.

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