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Houston airports expect busiest spring break travel season on record

HOUSTON – Many Houstonians are on vacation this week, so expect more traffic on the roads and in the skies. Houston airports are expecting the busiest spring break travel season on record.

“It will be similar to Thanksgiving, so we anticipate 2.3 million travelers through the system this break,” said Jim Szczesniak, director of operations for the Houston Airport System.

Szczesniak said Houston’s airports are ready for more travelers and have made adjustments to current operations.

“Anything that is affecting the roads, we have taken that construction and we are moving it away, so we have all the lane capacity and rolling capacity possible,” he said. “For passengers who come to pick up at the airport, we have an additional cell phone batch capacity that we have installed, so it gives you the ability to come here and wait until your passengers are ready to be picked up with their bags. Don’t go to the terminal until you have those people on the sidewalks with their bags.”

Szczesniak urges travelers to reserve airport parking in advance, you can do so online at fly2houston.com.

There will also be more flexibility in which terminal you choose to enter.

“All of our trains are running right now, you have the slip train and the safety train and they can take you to all the terminals,” Szczesniak explained.

Airport staff urge people to arrive two hours before their scheduled flight.

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