How billionaire Marc Lore plans to create Utopian desert city Telosa

Marc Lore grew up wanting to be a farmer – reveling at the idea of “something growing from nothing” – all while watching his father unafraid to take chances with ambitious business ventures. 

The 50-year-old billionaire developed his appetite for taking risks from his father, Peter, and it’s that foundation in childhood that’s propelling him to now focus on a spellbindingly ambitious endeavor that many experts and pundits are deeming near impossible. 

Lore, the former president of Walmart e-commerce and co-founder of and, is attempting to spearhead the conceptual and financial building blocks for Telosa, a Utopian city in the middle of the desert announced last month.

Telosa’s location is being targeted in the Appalachia or American West desert with plans to shepherd in a reformed version of capitalism with a focus on societal inclusion over division. Lore envisions Telosa having equal access health care, excellent schooling and safe environments for families, regardless of income. Even further, he aims for Telosa to be a diverse place housing various races, genders, sexual orientations, religions and political affiliations.  

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