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How Sydney Modern is helping solve art’s gender problem

Among the female artists to feature prominently in Sydney Modern is Lisa Reihana’s video installation, Groundloop, in the central atrium. It charts a futuristic waka hourua (twin-hulled ocean-going canoe) travelling an old trade route from Aotearoa, New Zealand, to Australia and asks: “What if Captain Cook had not come?”


South Korean multi-disciplinary artist Kimsooja has set up a 19 metre-long table on which visitors are invited to create pieces of clay and leave their spheres behind for the “cosmos”.

Lorraine Connelly-Northey’s rustic and rusty narrbong-galang (many bags), are displayed in the 20 metre-long window of the new Yiribana Gallery, dedicated to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art.

Another work with a public wow factor is a kaleidoscopic architectural illusion by Los Angeles artist Samara Golden. Using mirrors to make an octangular reflection, Golden has created an illusory multi-storey apartment stretching infinitely to the sky above and to the abyss below. She handpainted some of its components – snakes and crabs and intestines and miniature furniture -from expanding foam in the conservation laboratory of the Art Gallery of NSW over the last several weeks.

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