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How to book ‘One Skill Retake’ in Pakistan?

The British Council in Pakistan has introduced an innovative feature called “One Skill Retake” in IELTS in Pakistan. Let’s discuss how you can book this incredible opportunity to give your dreams a second chance.

If you’ve ever dreamed of studying abroad or working in an English-speaking country but stumbled upon the IELTS exam, this might be helpful for you.

What is the British Council IELTS ‘One Skill Retake’?

Imagine you took the IELTS test and although you did very well in some sections, one skill held you back.

Maybe it was speaking, writing, listening or reading. With ‘One Skill Retake’, there is no need to redo the entire exam.

You can focus on the one skill you need to improve, which will give you a much better chance of success.

Why is it amazing?

Andrew Mackenzie, Director of IELTS at the British Councilunderstands the struggle.

It says, “We know that with the right preparation and support, our test takers can achieve their best score on test day.”

‘One Skill Retake’ means that you can retake a single skill if you feel that your first attempt did not demonstrate your English skills properly.

It’s all about fairness and making sure you get the score you really deserve.

How do I book the IELTS ‘One Skill Retake’?

Booking ‘A skill recovery‘ it’s simple. This is what you should do:

1. After your first IELTS test, wait for the results.

2. If you are not happy with your score on a particular skill, you have 60 days to book a ‘Skill Retake’.

3. You will take the same format and time as the original test, but only for the skill you want to improve.

4. Once you are successful in the retake, you will receive a new test report form.

Because it is important

This fantastic initiative benefits both you and the institutions to which you apply.

You have the opportunity to shine in the area you struggled in and universities or employers can still secure high-quality candidates without compromising entry requirements.

Maarya Rehman, Deputy Director of the British Council in Pakistan, emphasizes her commitment to helping you reach your full potential.

They want you to achieve your best score, and ‘One Skill Retake’ is their way of empowering you to do so.

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