How To Get Your Confidence Back If It’s Shattered Right Now

Have you noticed yourself speak up less on work calls, doubting most decisions you make and feeling increasingly awkward at social get-togethers?

If this sounds all too familiar, you might be in the midst of a pandemic-fuelled confidence crisis. And it’s really no surprise people are feeling this way when you consider what we’ve all been through.

“The pandemic has shrunken the size of our comfort zones,” psychologist and author Anna Mathur, tells HuffPost UK. “We have gone from living our lives in numerous contexts – the workplace, the home, our high streets, the homes of our friends and families – to living from one place.”

For many of us, working from home has morphed into living at work. We’ve felt the boundaries between the two blur until we’re opening laptops from our beds, eating dinner at our desks, and our sofas are no longer a place we go to rest, but more of a pop-up office. We’ve not hung out in person with many of our friends and colleagues for, well, ages, instead learning to adapt to all sorts of virtual social cues. Oh, and hugs have been totally off the menu.

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