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How To Make Delicious Gravy At Home, With Top Tips From Chefs

After weeks of battling it out in the kitchen, Ed Balls was crowned the first winner of Celebrity Best Home Cook. In the competition, the former Labour politician paid tribute to his mother Carolyn, showcasing her recipes of shepherd’s pie and gravy.

“My mum taught me to do roast dinners.” Balls told Radio Times. “I love making gravy – it’s really important, and I always make a nice, brown gravy. My daughter thought Mary Berry would like a much lighter gravy, so I thought hard on how to make my chicken gravy light and much less pungent and strong.”

Sadly, judges Dame Mary Berry and ⁦chef Angela Hartnett deemed Balls’s chicken gravy ‘too light’. “I thought, after all these years, I didn’t get my gravy right,” said Balls. “And how could I have done that? I know how to make gravy!”

Balls shared his gravy thoughts on Twitter, unleashing the floodgates in what he calls ‘gravy gate’, where people weighed in on their preferences. Who’s right? We decided to put the debate to bed and ask chefs how to make it at home.

It may seem simple enough, but the possibilities are limitless: from light gravy made from chicken or pork – to a darker type made with dark meats like beef, venison, and duck. Without further ado, all aboard the gravy train.

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