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Huda Beauty Named Biggest Beauty Brand of 2021

Huda Beauty is the top beauty brand of 2021.

This is according to a new report from Cosmetify, a beauty data platform, which determined the most popular beauty brands this year by looking at social media followings and engagement and Google searches.

Huda Beauty — which was founded by beauty influencer Huda Kattan in 2018 and has since expanded with other complementary brands like fragrance brand Kayali, skin care label Wishful and others — also received the top spot on Cosmetify’s ranking last year.

The brand is followed by MAC Cosmetics in second, Anastasia Beverly Hills in third, Avon in fourth and The Body Shop in fifth.

Conversely, Cosmetify looked at the beauty brands that are losing their popularity among customers. Receiving the top spot is Jeffree Star Cosmetics, launched by the influencer of the same name in 2014, which decreased in popularity by 72.2 percent. Following is KVD Vegan Beauty — formerly known as Kat Von D Beauty before the namesake tattoo artist sold her shares and exited the brand — which decreased in popularity by 71.6 percent. Clinell, a brand that specializes in disinfectant products, was in third with a decrease of 67 percent.

The report also looked at “rising stars” in beauty, meaning the beauty brands that have seen the biggest increase in interest over the year. In the first spot is Jennifer Lopez’s new skin care brand, JLo Beauty, which saw an increase of 5,228 percent. Following is Mallows Beauty, which saw an increase of 2,846 percent, and Le Prunier, which saw an increase of 866 percent.

For influencers, Cosmetify found that James Charles is the most powerful beauty influencer, despite being involved in several controversies this year. Following are Bretman Rock and Mariand Castrejón Castañeda, better known online as Yuya.

Cosmetify also looked at the most popular sustainable beauty brands, with Ren Clean Skincare taking the top spot. The brand is followed by Kiehl’s in second, Aveda in third, Origins in fourth and Honest Beauty in fifth.


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