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If you are going to buy new appliances, do not forget this trick

Make sure your old electrical gadgets don’t literally go to waste (Image: Getty/iStockphoto)

Imagine the scenario. Your TV just broke. Maybe your dog knocked it over (if you’re lucky enough to have a dog), or worse, someone let the bathroom overflow and you were under the flood.

Or maybe it’s not broken and you just want a new TV.

Whatever the reason, before you throw away your old one, or any electrical or electronic device of any kind, did you know that by law, retailers have to pick up your existing item if you buy a new one through them?

That’s how it is. Did you spend on a new washing machine? Whoever bought it from you should arrange to pick up the old one. Fridge on fritz? Buy a replacement and you are out of your hair.

All this to ensure that electrical and electronic equipment is disposed of correctly and recycled as much as possible to protect our planet, both by saving resources and by avoiding pollution and environmental contamination.

Good news everyone, right?

It gets better: This doesn’t just apply to physical stores. Online retailers must also provide or arrange for the collection of unwanted electrical products in the sale of an equivalent item.

However, the volume of household waste electrical and electronic equipment (or WEEE) recycled over the past decade has remained virtually unchanged.

Commenting on the figures, a Defra spokesperson said: ‘Our Environmental Improvement Plan sets out our plan to review the rules for the collection and recycling of electrical waste this year. As part of this, we plan to consider what changes to legislation are needed to increase the collection of unwanted electrical products for reuse and recycling.’

However, not only WEEE can be returned. More and more retailers offer recycling schemes for old products when you buy new, or even without buying at all, often offering discounts and points in exchange.

So now you know, you can help by contributing your grain of sand. Don’t throw it away, recycle it.

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