IHC rejects petition seeking reopening of private schools

ISLAMABAD             –        The Islamabad High Court (IHC) Monday rejected a petition seeking reopening of private schools which are closed due to coronavirus pandemic across the country.

A single bench of IHC comprising Chief Justice of IHC Justice AtharMinallah conducted hearing of the petition seeking reopening of private schools.

During the hearing, petitioner’s lawyer, in his arguments, adopted that people’s jobs related to private schools were in jeopardy due to continuous closure of schools. He lamented over the government’s decision of issuance of directions for the closure of schools and contended that the policy was violating the basic rights of the public.

At this, the IHC Chief Justice remarked that the coronavirus is a challenge for the entire country. He asked from the petitioner’s lawyer that why do you want to reopen schools? He added that this is the work of the executive, not of the courts and the court cannot interfere in the work of the executive.

Justice Athar said that this is the job of the government to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. He further said that they have even opened the courts keeping in view the government’s policy. The IHC judge added that currently, the number one priority of the government was to save people’s lives. He also remarked that even developed countries have not reopened their schools. The lawyer argued by saying that the government did not do anything for the private school teachers.

The IHC Chief Justice said that in this connection, they can lodge a complaint with the relevant government authority.

Later, the court dismissed the petition after the petitioner requested the court to withdraw it. The federal government has shut down schools across the country since May 7 to curb the spread of the disease. It was earlier decided that the institutions will remain shut till July 15.

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