‘I’m blind but technology helps me animate’

Elodie Bateson has been blind since birth.

But the 11-year-old from Limavady has become an expert at making short animated movies.

She uses a voice-assisted tablet and specialist braille technology to help her make the movies.

It gives her detailed descriptions as she works and audio prompts also allow her to take photographs.

“I started by drawing balls, then I made them move and put music and effects on them, I like technology a lot,” she told BBC News NI.

Elodie and her family received technology training through the Family Insight Project, a partnership between Angel Eyes and RNIB.

Elodie’s mum Michelle said: “It’s been amazing for Elodie because she now relies on this technology to be her eyes.”

The Family Insight Project received almost £700,000 from The National Lottery Community Fund.

Video journalist: Niall McCracken

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