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‘I’m tired of corruption’: Maimane launched presidential bid

Former Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Mmusi Maimane has big plans for the country, having now launched his new political party, Build One SA (Bosa), in Naledi, Soweto, on Saturday, 24 September 2022.

Maimane says both education and an economy that will put a job in every home.

“The dream that I hold for this country is a dream upon which not only is our education improving but we have an economy that will put a job in every home. No, you didn’t hear me. I want to put a job in every home in this country,” Maimane said.

Maimane intends contesting in the 2024 national elections under his political party.

“I’m not just standing for president, but I want the best cabinet in 2024 that is made up of people from different places that can say ‘we work for the people, not against the people”

BOSA leader Mmusi Maimane



Further speaking about his presidential ambitions, Mmusi Maimane said under his government, he wants a Cabinet made up of people from different backgrounds.

Maimane, who has also considered himself an anti-corruption champion, also bemoaned the extent of graft under the current government.

“I am tired of corruption at leadership [level]. We gotta get leaders who work for the people, we have to get a president who is accountable to the people, we have to get a president who stays awake all the time. It’s time to build,” he said.

When he left the DA, Maimane launched the One South Africa Movement, which he said would be seperate from his political party. Speaking to Weekend Argus, Maimane said his party would focus on attracting the youth vote.

“We have been overwhelmed by South Africans who have been calling on us to finally do this because they feel they don’t have an alternative,” Maimane said.

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