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‘Imran won’t be able to save himself despite using state’s power’ | The Express Tribune

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Vice President Maryam Nawaz Sharif on Wednesday said that no matter how much state’s power Prime Minister Imran Khan uses, he won’t be able to “save himself”.

“The tide has turned… Mr Imran Khan! No matter how much state’s power you use, you cannot save yourself,” she wrote on her official Twitter handle.

Maryam’s remarks came hours after the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) arrested media personality Mohsin Baig after he resisted arrest and fired shots at an agency team which had arrived at his residence in the federal capital to take him into custody.

During the arrest, Baig and his son brandished firearms and opened fire on FIA personnel, injuring one. Videos of the incident have been doing rounds on social media ever since.

The FIA cybercrime wing had registered a case against Baig at the request of Communications Minister Murad Saeed.

“Your list of crimes not only includes taking revenge from opponents but also using state institutions like FIA to settle your personal score. You will be held accountable,” Maryam said.

Referring to the premier, she said that he is not some creature who descended from the skies on Earth that houses of people will be raided if someone criticises him.

“My mother in ICU should have been given the same respect which you give to your wife… the mothers and sisters of you political opponents deserve same respect,” she added.

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The PML-N vice president said that PM Imran is indulging in a “dirty game” and also encouraging his “ignorant ministers” to do the same.

“This is how the fear of people like you comes to fore when they start to lose power. Seeing your actions, the last few days of Musharraf [former military ruler] era come to mind,” she further said.

Baig was part of a TV panel last week which was discussing Murad’s ministry receiving the top honour in a ceremony conducted by Prime Minister Imran to celebrate the top 10 best performing federal ministries. The panel had made unethical and disparaging remarks about the minister.

The programme received heavy criticism from government quarters and the channel was also served a show-cause notice by the media watchdog, Pemra.

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