Instagram down: Social media app outage affects thousands of UK users

Instagram users around the UK are reporting an issue with the social media app this afternoon, September 2 (Getty)

Instagram is experiencing an unexpected issue that has left thousands of UK users unable to access their feed.

The social media app fails to load and simply displays a ‘Couldn’t refresh feed’ error message. has confirmed the issue which is apparently affecting people across the UK.

Others are claiming the app is failing to even open for them or they are unable to post comments.

‘Apparently no one no longer has a feed…I thought it was my WiFi,’ commented Instagram user Andrea C on DownDetector, a website devoted to monitoring outages on popular web services.

The site shows that Instagram started having problems at 11.00am, with reports rising sharply as more users were affected.

‘Logged out, uninstalled, re-installed, now can’t even login. Duh,’ another user wrote.

As ever, users flocked to Twitter to confirm that Instagram was having problems.

Instagram has yet to comment on the reports, suggesting it is likely an intermittent outage rather than a planned service upgrade.

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