Intellasia East Asia News – 2 Thai activists released on bail after 64-day hunger strike

Two Thai female political activists were released on bail yesterday after a 64-day hunger strike. They had been jailed under the Section 112 charge of defamation of the Thai royal family.

The political activists, Natchanit “Baipor” Duangmusit, and Netiporn “Bung” Sanesangkom were imprisoned in May under the lese majeste laws. The court had refused bail many times during their imprisonment and the two girls went on hunger strike as a protest.

They continued the hunger strike despite their health deteriorating and alleged threats by a prison doctor saying he could kill them due to their political belief.

The Resistant Citizen group held an online campaign on to gather names in support of Baipor, and Bung and on Monday, August 1, the group’s spokesperson, Suchart Sawatsri, and about 15 group members went to the Supreme Court in Bangkok to hand over the petition signed by 13,839 people.

Yesterday, the court approved bail for the two activists with a deposit of 200,000 baht. They were released under several conditions, one, of course, was to refrain from defaming the Thai royal family. Other conditions included the refrain from obstructing the court hearing, remaining in their respective accommodations between 7pm to 6am, and reporting to the court every 30 days.

The two activists were transferred out of the Central Women Correctional Institution in Bangkok by a van at 8.15pm yesterday. The exhausted pair greeted supporters and friends at the prison entrance through the van window.

It was reported that Bung lost 15 kilograms in weight while Baipor’s weight decreased by 7 kilograms.


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